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Orthodontic Treatment Planning Compact Course

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Orthodontic Treatment Planning Compact Course

  • Carry out a full orthodontic assessment, diagnosis & record-taking
  • Undertake accurate orthodontic space analysis
  • Plan non-extraction cases, manage common malocclusions and learn what extractions may be indicated

Why you need this course

Are you carrying out any form of orthodontic treatment?

This course teaches you everything you need to know about making safe assessments and keeping defensible records of orthodontic treatment.

  • Know when to treat and when to refer
  • Develop safe, defensible protocols for assessment, planning and record-keeping
  • Gain invaluable insight into safely managing cases
  • Access clinical support to keep you safe during practice
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Whether you are just starting your journey into orthodontics or have been doing it for a while, this course is invaluable.

Dr Sebastian Wilkins

The Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Course is the starting point and foundation for all orthodontic journeys irrespective of appliances used and how much tooth movement is planned.

Dr Nick Simon

The assessment, diagnosis and planning taught by Prof Hobson is a comprehensive and reproducible pathway for our patients.

Dr Emma Dougherty

About this course

This compact course is an indispensable introduction to orthodontic assessment, diagnosis, planning and record-keeping. You will learn the importance of these concepts to orthodontic treatment and develop safe, defensible working protocols.

Additional planning webinars cover space analysis and the management of common malocclusions so you can inform patients of possible treatment options.

They also give invaluable insight into using space analysis data to plan non-extraction cases and determine what extractions may be indicated when comprehensive care is required.

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Meet The Lecturers

Prof.* Ross Hobson

Prof. Ross Hobson is the former chair in orthodontics at the University of central Lancaster. He was the first dentist to be awarded the prestigious Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and has also been awarded a BDA fellowship in recognition of his contribution to dentistry.

Ross has published more than 60 refereed articles on orthodontics, hypodontia, dental materials and education.

He is co-founder of Windmill Orthodontic Group, a seven-strong group of clinics which were the North East’s first private multidisciplinary specialist practices.

*Ross is a former retried professor at UClan.

  • Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow, Edinburgh and England
  • Published over 60 refereed articles on orthodontics and dental education
  • Awarded BDA Fellowship in recognition of contribution to the dental profession
  • Senior Lecturer/Consultant and Head of Department at Newcastle upon Tyne University
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Unlimited access
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