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Clear Aligners Online Course (Open Source)

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Clear Aligners Online Course (Open Source)

  • Treat simple to moderate clear aligner cases with any aligner system
  • Provide lasting, predictable results
  • Diagnose & assess cases like a specialist

Benefits of this course

Begin simple aligner cases on the same day you enrol

  • Learn which cases to avoid & when to refer
  • Start with simple cases & introduce orthodontics to patients
  • Integrate restorative dentistry with orthodontics
  • Learn how to provide lasting dentistry
  • Clinical support & governance to keep you clinically safe
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I’ve learnt so much about the importance of individual assessment, Tif is very informative, personable and the course ticks all the boxes- Highly recommended.


Align, bleach and bond is a fantastic course, the true innovators are definitely the IAS academy, it radically changes the way you treat patients

Kaushik Paul

This course really piqued my interest. He really explains why you do things, if you’ve got the opportunity then definitely book on


I’ve learnt a great deal in the last few days. I’ve taken a few extra courses but none as good as this, I’d say book on straight away


About this course

This online course covers treatment using clear removable aligners with any system. Included are separate modules on IAS Clear Aligners, SureSmile Aligners, ClearCorrect Aligners and Invisalign Aligners.

Modules include:

  1. Module 1 – Intro, Philosophy & Terminology
  2. Module 2 – Applications & Movement Summary
  3. Module 3 – Assess, Diagnose & Consent
  4. Module 4 – Occlusion & Arch Planning
  5. Module 5 – Treatment Execution IPR/Attachments
  6. Module 6 – Finishing & Retention
  7. Module 7 – Case Discussion & Troubleshooting
  8. Module 8A – IAS Aligners (case submission)
  9. Module 8B – ClearCorrect Aligners (case submission)
  10. Module 8C – SureSmile Aligners (case submission)
  11. Module 8D – Invisalign Aligners (case submission)
  12. Module 8E – Inman Aligner
  13. Module 9 – Support, Summary & Marketing
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Meet The Lecturers

Dr Tif Qureshi

Dr Tif Qureshi qualified from Kings College London in 1992. He is a Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Tif is founder and a clinical director of IAS Academy, an International faculty that provides mentored education for general dentists on a pathway from appropriate simple to comprehensive orthodontics.

Tif pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design through Alignment, Bleaching, Bonding – a course that combines tooth alignment, composite bonding and teeth whitening to produce superior smiles using techniques with the absolute minimum of invasiveness available today/.

Tif now lectures internationally and has published scientific articles.

  • Qualified from Kings College London
  • Past president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Founder and clinical director of IAS Academy
  • Pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design
Unlimited access
Unlimited access
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